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Supplement ECTAP (TAE)

Economic Convergence in European Union (ECEU), 19th edition

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  • Electric vehicle: problem or opportunity in the future?
    Elena-Iulia Chita, Silvia Dumitrescu-Popa, Mihnea Panait
  • Predicting the future of the green economy: current vision and challenges
    Emilia Jercan, Teodora Nacu
  • A circular-spiral economy more suitable for the transition to the green economy
    Alexandru Trifu, Oana Mihaela Vestale (Amăriucăi)
  • The eastern European crisis and its impact on the European green deal. Analysis of the impact on the Romanian fertilizer sector
    Nicolae Moroianu, Silvia Elena Iacob, Alexandra Constantin
  • The smart transformation of cities – a possible solution for the transition to a green economy
    Daniela Anca Dachin
  • Green economy – a priority for population health
    Daniela Vîrjan, Vlad-Valentin Vîrjan
  • ERP systems real support for a green economy
    Roxana Dana Igna
  • Towards a culture healthy environment and what organizations can do
    Teodora Abramiuc (Todoran)
  • Agile approaches to developing e-Business solutions in a secure cyber environment in 2022
    Marius Lorinel Ștefan
  • Cultural-creative cities and local development
    Marta Christina Suciu, Alexandru Stativă, Ana Maria Bocăneală
  • Study on the impact of increasing the share of electric vehicles on carbon dioxide emissions in Romania
    Ionut Laurentiu Petre, Marian Motofeanu, Marius Vasile, Veronica Taran Baciu
  • The process of communication within the public administration in the context of the pandemic
    George-Alexandru Istrate, Tanase (Mihai) Alexandra Elena, Claudiu Popa
  • Staying relevant by developing green skills
    Teodora Abramiuc (Todoran), Maia Man-Abramiuc
  • The analysis of demographic trends in ECE countries
    Irene Ioana Drăghici, Dermengi Ayten Güler, Iulia Maria Gandea (Rosoiu)
  • The impact of green economy on labor market: an overview of European Union
    Rares Mihai Nițu, Dermengi Ayten Güler, Radu Alexandru Budu
  • Analysis Fishbone chart in compensation by intrinsic motivation
    Cecilia Văduva (Băcanoiu), Georgiana Florina Ilie
  • Analysis of the indicators regarding Romania`s transition to the green economy
    Marilena Potârniche, Andreea Daniela Giucă, Cristina Maria Sterie, Gabriela Dalila Stoica
  • The sustainability of railway transportation in EU member states
    Edi-Cristian Dumitra, Radu Alexandru Budu, Cristina Bolcas
  • The European Union`s approach on sustainable development: aspects regarding green economy
    Rareș Mihai Nițu, Nicolae Diță
  • The impact of green economy in employment in European Union
    Irene Ioana Drăghici, Alexandra Elena Tănase (Mihai), Cristian Stana
  • The role of digitalisation in restarting business and reducing the national and global economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis
    Edi-Cristian Dumitra, Cristian Stana, Claudiu Popa
  • Opportunities and challenges for the communication of public institutions
    George-Alexandru Istrate
  • Marketing 4.0 in medical services
    Roxana Gabriela Voicu

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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