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Supplement ECTAP (TAE)

Economic Convergence in European Union (ECEU), 16th edition

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  • Income inequalities and economic convergence in CEE countries
    Tamara NAE
  • Towards Developing a Friendlier Regulatory Framework for Blockchain-based Businesses
    Christina Marta Suciu, Christian Nasulea, Diana Florentina Nasulea
  • Analysis of the economic competitiveness of the southeastern region of Mexico
    Aída Beatriz Armenta Ramírez, Germán Martínez Prats, José Félix García Rodríguez
  • Real and nominal convergence in the context of the Euro adoption
    Sorin Cristian Niță
  • Innovation in the Fashion Industry: Implications, Consequences and the Resistance of the Consumers
    Andreea-Ionela Puiu
  • The circular economy: Importance and Evolution in European Union
    Ancuța Lucaci, Carmen Năstase
  • Brexit implications for London insurance market
    Aurora Elena Dina (Manolache)
  • Discontinued business for a Romanian non-life insurance company in the context of Solvency II regulatory regime
    Aurora Elena Dina (Manolache)
  • A study of the level of tax convergence for Romania using beta and sigma approach
    Victor Ogneru, Iulian Panait
  • Can the increase in the phenomenon of migration be explained by mistrust in the public authorities and the low weight of salaries in Romania?
    Mihaela Roberta Stanef-Puica
  • Detection of key, strategic sectors and structural analysis of the regional economy of Tabasco, Mexico
    Aída Beatriz Armenta Ramírez, Germán Martínez Prats, Clara Luz Lamoyi Bocanegra
  • Romania as a European Integration model state: opportunities, responsibilities, challenges
    Silvia-Elena Iacob, Andreea Teodora Iacob
  • The strategic use of social media by public administrations. Case study: #statistics’ popularity on social platforms
    Iulia Alexandra Nicolescu
  • The role of the communicative process in a public institution
    Iacob Constantin Ciprian, Bădina (Rădulescu) Mihaela Loredana
  • Brexit effects on migrant labor force within Great Britain and European Union cooperation
    Grigore Ioan Piroșcă, Cătălin Corneliu Ghinăraru, Liana Badea, Daniela Vîrjan, Irina Petrescu, George Laurențiu Șerban-Oprescu, Alin Stancu, Manuela Liliana Mureșan
  • Economic growth and social cohesion
    Daniela Vîrjan, Diana Hristache, Silvia Elena Iacob
  • Strategy and supply chain management – evolution to industry 4.0
    Florina Simona Burta
  • The New Macroeconomics and its Impact on Economic Policy
    Monica Dobrescu
  • Homo Economicus in the21st Century. The loss of moral identity
    Alexandra-Veronica Clim
  • The Economic Coordinate of Alvin Toffler's Work
    Cezar Vasilescu
  • Recruiting for agile jobs: an analysis of Romanian IT labor market
    Alina-Ramona Butnariu
  • Labour market in the Republic of Moldova: reality and challenges
    Alic Bîrcă
  • Dimensions and Trends in Human Resources Management
    Constanța Popescu, Georgeta Gogeanu
  • Economic policy – the gateway to the development of the European Union. Oportunies and challenges
    Mihaela Musat
  • Europe’s soft power – a key to regaining European integration models strength
    Silvia-Elena Iacob, Andreea Teodora Iacob
  • The Perspectives of the European Cohesion Policy for Romania
    Ioana Andrada Gavril, Tamara Nae
  • Economic Crisis Perspective
    Doina Constanta Iacob, Ahmed Hussein Radhi Al-Rubaye
  • From big data to data: The value behind Metadata Governance in Statistics
    Iulia Alexandra Nicolescu

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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