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Supplement ECTAP (TAE)

International Finance and Banking Conference - FI BA 2015, XIIIth Edition

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  • The importance of the transition to IFRS for insurance companies in Romania
    Costin A. ISTRATE, Dumitru BADEA
  • The effect of implementation of insurance transparency mediation on the Danish and Finnish insurance markets
    Paul DUMITRU
  • The insurance market in 2014. Europe vs. Romania
    Cătălin GOIA
  • Specific procurement procedures - sources of risk in the management of structural funds in Romania
    Dumitru BADEA, Ciprian NICOLAE
  • Study regarding financial sustainability in Romania’s health system
    Tatiana BOGDAN
  • Fraud in car insurance
    Marian VELICA
  • Modern indicators of measuring the societies ability to create value
    Nicolae BALTEȘ, Alexandra-Gabriela-Maria DRAGOE
  • Microeconomic factors affecting financial performance of Romanian companies listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange
    Lavinia Mihaela GUŢU
  • Legal framework of corporate governance in Romania and Greece: a comparative study
  • Discussing three pillars of corporate governance
  • Influences on the profitability of the pharmaceutical industry in Romania
    Florina-Adriana STĂNICĂ, Adina Ionela STRĂCHINARU, Vasile ILIE
  • Mechanisms to optimize expenditure on social protection
  • Results of the survey for the improvement of the performance of the public administration in Romania
    Valentin Ionuţ PANEA
  • Romania-between decentralization and deconcentration
  • How to defend the profit shifting in front of the tax authorities?
    Iulia BUTNARU, Iulian Viorel BRAŞOVEANU
  • An analysis of regional tax convergence in the European Union
    Ioana Laura ȚIBULCĂ
  • Financial and accounting regulations applicable to the cult units within the Romanian patriarchy
    Mircea CRICOVEAN
  • The fiscal system in Romania vs the fiscal system in the European Union member states
    Marilena CIOBĂNAŞU, Georgiana Camelia CREȚAN, Mirela Anca POSTOLE
  • Features of the German taxation system
    Robert PĂIUŞAN
  • The analysis of the evolution of fiscal pressure in correlation with the budget deficit in EU
    Cristina VLAD, Laurențiu Dumitru ANDREI, Petre BREZEANU
  • The transition from private debt to public debt – a case study of Romania
    Liviu FETIC, Dalina DUMITRESCU
  • Asymmetric information versus financial markets
    Pepi Mitica
  • Was RASDAQ doomed from the start? Further investigations
    Cornelia POP, Cristina BALINT, Maria-Andrada GEORGESCU
  • Evaluating the performance of volatility forecasts with the aid of statistical criteria
  • The evolution of the main liquidity and solvency indicators of Pharmaceutical Groups Sanofi-Aventis and Bayer from 2008 to 2015
    Georgiana Daniela MINCULETE (PIKO)
  • Study on the financial balance for the companies in hotel industry, listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange
    Ruxandra Maria PAVEL
  • The financial crisis – rethinking the economy
    Rotaru Livia Maria
  • Determination of risk in financial markets using Extreme Value Theory (EVT)
    Ionuț Daniel POP
  • Triggering factors for economic convergence and stability across central and eastern European countries
    Ioana Sorina MIHUȚ, Larisa Nicoleta POP, Andreea Maria PECE
  • FDI, trade and growth in the “late reformers’” post transition
    Valerija BOTRIĆ, Katarina BAČIĆ, Sunčana SLIJEPČEVIĆ
  • Trend analysis of foreign direct investment flows in Serbia with special reference to the evaluation of the investment environment
    Jovana ADZIC, Jelena TOSKOVIC, Jasna MARKOVIC
  • Business cycle synchronisation between Central and Eastern European countries and the euro zone
    Bogdan MURARAȘU, Alina BOBAȘU
  • Assessing the impact of financial disturbances on the Romanian business cycle fluctuations
    Mădălin VIZINIUC
  • Microeconomic complexity: trading policy in conditions of crises – an empirical study from Romania
    Hosney (Harry) ZURUB, Alexandru Cosmin IONESCU, Natalia BOB, Celia BESCIU
  • A comparative performance analysis of The Credit Bureau of Romania & Schufa Holding AG in Germany
    Sorin TOADER, Liviu MORAR, Emilia CÂMPEAN
  • Economic Value Added (EVA). A structural and dynamic analysis, during 2006-2013, of the companies having the business line in industry and construction, listed and traded on The Bucharest Stock Exchange
    Diana Elena VASIU, Nicolae BALTEŞ, Iulian Nicolae GHEORGHE
  • Determinants of non-performing loans ratio. Evidence from firm-level data
    Ana-Maria CAZACU (BANCU)
  • Behavioral influences in Romanian banks lending process
    Cristian BUZATU
  • Global Competitiveness Index and economic growth
    Ana-Maria CAZACU (BANCU)
  • Clustering patterns of socially responsible banks
    Iustina BOITAN
  • Formation of an effective mechanism of financial and credit support reproduction a company’s fixed assets

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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