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Supplement ECTAP (TAE)

International Finance and Banking Conference FI BA 2016, XIVth Edition

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  • Operational risk assessment with Bayesian beliefs networks – successful application in other industries. New approaches that could fit Solvency 2
    Răzvan TUDOR, Dumitru Gh. BADEA
  • Similarities and differences between the operational risk covered by Basel III and Solvency II and trends in this area
    Laurențiu Paul BARANGĂ
  • The role of health on economic growth
    Tatiana BOGDAN
  • Transfer pricing in the insurance market
    Costin A. ISTRATE
  • Crisis response and government ownership: international assistance or abuse of power in the cases of Iceland and Latvia?
    Hilmar Þór HILMARSSON
  • Investors Sentiment and Stocks Performance
    Andreea Maria PECE, Angela Maria FILIP, Maria Miruna POCHEA
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainable Development and Resilience
    Liliana Nicoleta SIMIONESCU, Dalina DUMITRESCU
  • The evaluation of the companies financial performance through the rates of return
    Nicolae BALTEȘ, Alexandra-Gabriela-Maria DRAGOE, Sebastian-Ilie DRAGOE
  • The cost of capital under information asymmetry’s constraint
    Florina-Adriana STĂNICĂ
  • Capital structure: profitability, tangibility and size of the company
    Liviu-Adrian ȚAGA, Florina-Adriana STĂNICĂ
  • Comparative analysis of treatment of categories “finance” and “household finance” in the Russian financial science in the 19th-21st century
  • Testing the impact of external financing on corporate financial constraints in Africa – A case study of Mauritius
    Chakeel PRAYAGSING, Kheswar JANKEE
  • Study on the implementation of internal control standards in Romanian public sector institutions
  • Fly E-course – aimed to increase the level of financial literacy
    Andrei DUMITRESCU, Mihaela-Elena ULMEANU
  • Relationship between fiscal policy and capital market performance: evidence from Romania
    Stela JAKOVA, Gabriela-Victoria ANGHELACHE
  • Romanian counties: Does public financial decentralization help equity access to public goods and services?
  • Fostering the employability of higher education graduates, according to labour market requirements
    Rodica GHERGHINA, Georgiana Camelia CREȚAN, Emilia Mioara CÂMPEANU
  • Comparative analysis of commodity prices, stock market indices and listed metallurgical companies
    Florin TURCAȘ, Florin DUMITER, Petre BREZEANU, Silvia TODOR
  • Financial crime: a quest for homogenous data across regions & jurisdictions
    Gabriel MITRACHE
  • Financial excesses and the economic instability
    Ion BUCUR
  • Weaknesses of the capital asset pricing model
  • Issues on money demand and economic stability
    Valentina Ioana MERA
  • Evolutions in dealing with monetary and financial stability
    Livia Maria ROTARU
  • The influence of non-performing loans on macroeconomic indicators in Romania between 2009-2015
    Claudiu Mihail MANOLESCU, Elena MANOLESCU
  • The impact of macroeconomic factors on non-performing loans in Romania: A time series analysis
    Simona MAȘCU, Marușa PESCU (BECA)
  • The role of fiscal policies in the relation between public governance and economic performance at the EU level
    Cristina VLAD, Birol IBADULA, Petre BREZEANU
  • The management and the analysis of the commercial banks’ liquidity risk
    Maria-Daciana RODEAN (COZMA), Nicolae BALTEŞ, Georgiana Daniela MINCULETE (PIKO)
  • Assessing the banking systems’ performance and its determinants in EU28 countries
    Bogdan Florin FILIP

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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