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Supplement ECTAP (TAE)

Economic-Financial Analysis and Property Valuation - Callenges into the Actual Global Context

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  • Sustainibility aspects of property valuations
    Ion Anghel, Muler Onofrei
  • The relevance of discriminatory analysis for the evolution of shares byone issuing on stock exchange market
    Eduard Dinu, Ştefania-Cristina Curea
  • The place and role of the sustainability indicators in the transition process to a model of sustainable development
    Eduard Dinu, Ştefania-Cristina Curea
  • Real estate investments in Romania – analysis and tendencies
    Ana Morariu, Cornel Dumitru Crecană
  • The strategy of the internal audit in managerial councelling
    Ana Morariu, Cornel Dumitru Crecană
  • Enterprise restructuring in Romania’s transition economy. Concept, methodology and measurement
    Dumitru D. Popescu
  • Market risk assessment of a bank. Methods and measurements
    Dumitru D. Popescu
  • Financial communication through internet in transition economies – patterns and challenges
    Vasile Robu, Raluca Sandu
  • The impact of financial analysis on Romanian insurance market
    Nicolae Georgescu, Cosmin Şerbănescu
  • Are SMEs in Romania innovating
    Elena Claudia Şerban, Raluca Florentina Creţu
  • The implications of the fiscal amortization on the performance indicators
    Lucian Buşe, Mirela Ganea
  • Estimation of the price of land and its effects on product unit costs
    Ioan Pană, Viorica Pană
  • Managerial decisions based on the breakeven point in agricultural exploitations
    Ioan Pană, Maria-Daniela Bondoc
  • Studies regarding the financial equilibium of the company
    Maria Bătrâncea, Ioan Bătrâncea
  • Valuation concepts and theories related to the invisible parts of businesses
    Silvia Petrescu
  • Value creation analysis. Economic value added
    Silvia Petrescu, Ciprian Apostol
  • Considerations regarding the concept and indicators of the economic-financial per
    Florea Radu, Marian Ţaicu
  • Matrix approach of strategic positioning in the hospitality industry
    Monica Petcu, Iulia David-Sobolevschi
  • The relevance of consolidating the financial statements within the group of companies’ decision-making process
    Iulia David-Sobolevschi, Monica Petcu
  • Financial analysis versus extra-financial analysis in measuring the performance of the sustainable organization
    Marilena Mironiuc
  • Adaptation of production technologies with the aim to increase the quality of the agricultural production and the respect towards the environmental norms
    Adrian Anica-Popa, Irina Daniela Cişmaşu
  • The diagnosis analysis of regional innovation-approaches and opinion
    Anca Maria Hristea
  • Innovation – the cornerstone of economic succes at regional and international level
    Anca Maria Hristea
  • The real estate recession and the performances of firms in romanian construction industry
    Mihaela Diana Oancea-Negescu, Adrian Anica-Popa
  • The principle of consistency in enterprise assessment
    Ana Maria Popescu
  • Refined economic value added – an indicator for measuring the performances of the companies
    Daniel Cîrciumaru, Marian Siminică
  • Modern models of general financial diagnosis of the company in the present context of economic and financial-accounting globalization
    Monica Achim, Sorin Borlea
  • Monte Carlo simulation – a qualitative method analysis and evaluation of the company’s performance and risks
    Ciprian Apostol
  • Judgments concerning the accounting controversial over the revaluation of estate investments
    Raluca Andreea Trandafir, Nicoleta Asaloş
  • The operational risk and the application of the cost-volume-profit model
    Maria-Daniela Bondoc, Mariana Bănuţă
  • Intellectual property and globalization – micro-economical consequences: analysis and diagnosis
    Alina Bălan, Mihaela Bîrsan
  • The economic analysis and the improvement of the professional reasoning in the evaluation of the property
    Mihaela Bîrsan, Alina Bălan
  • The influence of indebtedness degree on companies’ performances in wholesale trade
    Florina Mocanu
  • Credit risk at Banca Transilvania SA in the actual global context
    Mioara Ţurcaş

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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