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Supplement ECTAP (TAE)

Finance and economic stability in the context of financial crisis

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  • Romanian local public finance decentralization
    Tatiana Moşteanu, Carmen Maria Lăcătuş
  • The domestic economic policy – from macroeconomic influences to strengthening the competitive equity
    Ioan Cuzman, Daniel Manaţe, Pavel Fărcaş
  • The performance of romanian open-end funds and the crisis context
    Carmen Corduneanu, Daniela Liliana Turcaş
  • Financial crime and the securization of banking circuits in order to prevent and fight against money laundering
    Ion Stancu, Daniel Rece, Filip Iorgulescu
  • Economical and fiscal instruments for reducing greenhouse gases´ emission
    Florina Bran, Ildiko Ioan, Carmen Valentina Rădulescu
  • The impact of financial crisis on compensation strategies
    Tatiana Moşteanu, Monica Andrei
  • The state and foreign direct investments – some aspects in context of financial crisis
    Daniela Lidia Roman
  • Integration of environmental policy into the european energy policy
    Mircea Năstase, Cristina Popa, Crina Dacinia Petrescu
  • Taxation in Germany
    Robert Păiuşan, Violeta Mihaela Dincă, Valentin Ionuţ Panea
  • Brain-drain migration in the knowledge society: impact and consequences
    Mariana Vuţă
  • The tax competition between theory and practice. Efforts and effects at the level of the european union
    Nicoleta-Claudia Moldovan
  • Regards about evolution of social assistance expenditure during financial crisis
    Daniela Lidia Roman
  • The dynamic and structural evolution of the expenses related to public order and national safety
    Cătălina Carmen Huba (Ştefănescu)
  • Problems encountered in the process during acceses european funds
    Daniela Florescu, Octavia Maria Gibescu
  • Analysis of education in terms of externalities
    Rodica Gherghina, Irina Zgreabăn, Ioana Duca
  • Place and role of local public finance in the public sector economy in European Union member states
    Attila Gyorgy, Emilia Câmpeanu
  • Specific features of regional economic development financing in the financial crisis context
    Susana Irina Iosof
  • European union´s incomes structure and expenses orientation retrospective and prospective study
    Diana Claudia Sabău-Popa, Mihai Cociuba, Sorina Ioana Coroiu
  • Estimating taxation rate based on Blanchard’s approach
    Andreea Stoian
  • Local budget process and local economic development
    Cristinel Ichim
  • Financing methods for the Romanian local public administration authorities
    Emilian Constantin Miricescu
  • Some remarks on the „evaluation problem” in cost-benefit analytics
    Mihaela Iacob, Georgiana Camelia Creţan
  • Effectiveness of cohesion policy in reducing regional disparities. divergence between national and regional convergence
    Meral Kagitci
  • The Romanian municipal bonds –a challenge for local public finance and for investors
    Carmen Maria Lăcătuş, Florin Văduva
  • The impact of the global crisis on public expenditure in education
    Irina-Florentina Băjan, Alina Creţu, Elena Peptan
  • The local development and the decentralization process in the context of the financial crisis
    Maria Letiţia Brătulescu
  • Tendencies in funding european higher education
    Georgiana Camelia Creţan, Mihaela Iacob
  • Difficulties in the quantification of human capital
    Irina Zgreabăn, Rodica Gherghina, Anca Mirela Postole
  • From the transition difficulties to the challenges of the economic and financial crisis: state aid in central Europe
    Nicolae Băcilă
  • Romania's fiscal policy during the current crisis: present and future prospects
    Cristina Aurora Bunea-Bontaş, Mariana Mihăilescu, Mihaela Cosmina Petre
  • Fiscal policy and relativism: between the flat tax and the progressive tax
    Cosmin Marinescu
  • Optimizing the size of government spending by co fog structure. The case of european union member states
    Mihai Mutaşcu, Marius Miloş
  • EU’s strategy for sustainable development and its indicators
    Lorena Popescu Duduială
  • Sub-prime crisis. Aspects regarding the crisis impact in South-East Europe
    Daniel Manaţe, Ioan Cuzman, Pavel Fărcaş, Daniela Manaţe
  • Remarks on potential GDP estimation in Romania
    Anca Andrei, Gheorghe Oprescu, Mihai Roman, Ramona-Mihaela Păun
  • The analysis of macroeconomic context for european union countries in 2009
    Iulian Viorel Braşoveanu, Laura Obreja Braşoveanu
  • Inflation control under the conditions of a central bank which is not independent
    Angelica Băcescu-Cărbunaru, Silvia-Elena Cristache
  • Crisis impact on the european banking regulatory and supervisory framework. A macro-prudential approach
    Nicolae Dardac, Adriana Giba
  • The effects and cost of bank recapitalization in the context of financial crises
    Teodora Cristina Barbu, Nicolae Dardac, Iustina Alina Boitan
  • Financial measures responses to the global economic crisis
    Elena Dobre
  • Implications of the current crisis on labor market in Romania
    Mirela Ionela Aceleanu
  • Effects of financial crisis on the macroeconomic indicators and possible solutions to redress for Romanian economy
    Monica Violeta Achim, Sorin Nicolae Borlea
  • The International Monetary Fund – the world’s central bank
    Mariana Mihăilescu, Gica Gherghina Culiţă, Cristina Bunea-Bontaş
  • Perspectives on the financial intermediation in Romania within changing market conditions
    Ioan Alin Nistor, Dragoş Păun
  • Extending economic freedom: the right path for diminishing corruption and economic stability
    Marius Cristian Pană, Cosmin Liviu Mosora
  • From economic freedom to prosperity. An illustration across Europe
    Gabriel Staicu, Cosmin Marinescu, Liviu Moraru
  • The role of the monetary policy in asset prices volatility correction: the Romanian case
    Claudiu Tiberiu Albulescu
  • Macroeconomic imbalances and the response of economic policies to the effects of the international economic crisis in the new member states
    Bogdan Murăraşu, Nicoleta Ciurilă
  • Unemployment trend in response to the impact of the economic crisis
    Andreea Claudia Şerban
  • The financial supervision models in the european countries
    Sorina Ioana Coroiu, Claudia Diana Sabău Popa
  • External debt sustainability: true or false?
    Tudor Boengiu
  • Inflation in the european union within the context of the financial crisis
    Monica Damian
  • European economy in one year from the start of financial crisis. Crisis impact on Romanian economy
    Steluţa-Simona Sora, Ioana-Diana Păun
  • Creative economy and macroeconomic stability during the financial crisis
    Marta-Christina Suciu, Mina Ivanovici
  • Health insurance – challenge for social policy
    Felicia Alexandru
  • Motor claims increase in Romania – causes and predictable consequences
    Dumitru G. Badea, Laura Elly Novac, Răzvan Tudor
  • Pension system in Romania - current issues
    Marius Dan Gavriletea, Aura Carmen Moga
  • Current issues of public-private dualism of pensions. The perspective of Romania
    Cosmin Şerbănescu, Irina Popa, Andreea Popa, Paul Tănăsescu
  • Reinsurance of catastrophic risks
    Paul Tănăsescu, Cosmin Şerbănescu
  • Leisure time management through physical education and sport
    Teodora Dominteanu
  • The analyze of the activity of insurance companies in Romania during the period 2002-2008
    Roxana Ionescu
  • Protection against catastrophic risks in some countries in Europe
    Maria Bodnarciuc
  • AIG – the strenght to be there… in the middle of the crisis. The story before and after the bailout
    Ramona-Anca Nichita
  • The pension system in japan: some common issues with the Romanian one
    Mariana Popa
  • Joint natural disasters risk financing in Romania – an economic stability factor
    Gabriel Arthur Zelinschi
  • Is management turnover determined by financial structure?
    Petre Brezeanu, Andrei Stănculescu
  • Public attitudes towards advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy exploitation
    Anamaria Ciobanu, Mioara Băncescu, Anamaria Aldea, Meral Kagitci
  • Study regarding the impact of the corporate social responsibility upon firms’ financial performance
    Georgeta Vintilă, Ştefan Daniel Armeanu, Paula Lazăr, Maricica Moscalu
  • Taxation of the business environment in the context of the european fiscal policy
    Georgeta Vintilă, Paula Lazăr, Maricica Moscalu
  • Using the management of account receivables to increase the company value
    Marius Dincă, Gheorghiţa Dincă
  • The investment problematic for producing energy from renewable sources in Romania
    Marius Gavriletea, Mihaela Gavriletea
  • Financing technology transfer throught venture capital
    Gabriel Năstase, Dan Badea, Dragoş Ionuţ Năstase
  • Assessment of the efficiency of investments using the internal rate of return and the profitability index
    Mihaela Diaconu
  • Aspects of dividend policy in Romania
    Dan Ivănescu, Irina Ivănescu
  • Computer courses – a training model to benefit firms
    Elena Peptan, Alina Creţu, Irina-Florentina Băjan
  • Performance indicators in financial decisions modeling
    Dana-Maria Boldeanu, Adrian Victor Bădescu
  • The crisis in the economic systems in terms of the chaos theory
    Roxana Arabela Dumitraşcu, Vadim Dumitraşcu
  • Testing the impact of the determinants of capital structure for Romanian – listed firms
    Gabriela Mihalca
  • Fraud risk management
    Ionuţ Şerban
  • Revenue generation indexes used in the lodging industry
    Nicoleta Simona Ciucă
  • Internal audit performance modeling using cost benefit analysis. Sensitivity of internal audit surplus value within the context of the financial crisis
    Adrian Vintilescu Belciug, Monica Andrei, Daniela Coloiu (Creţu)
  • Incentive and deterrents of fiscal policies on money laundering behaviors
    Daniel Rece
  • Effects of s effects of strengthening stock exchange strengthening stock exchange
    Cristina Barbu Teodora, Carmen Obreja, Ana Cornelia Olteanu
  • Some considerations regarding the impact of financial globalization on the contemporary financial systems
    Carmen Corduneanu, Laura Raisa Miloş
  • The globalization of the electronic transfers in banks
    Niculae Davidescu, Dumitru Ştefan, Bogdan Săhlean
  • Web portal specialized in providing education and financial assistance to the bank product and service consumer
    Vasile Dedu, Victoria Stanciu, Tudor Ganea, Bogdan Dumitrescu
  • Analysis of the Romanian capital market volatility
    Bogdan Dima, Flavia Barna, Petru-Ovidiu Mura
  • Optimal solutions in banking management: use intranet site or private networks
    Niculae Davidescu, Dumitru Ştefan, Bogdan Săhlean
  • Financial crisis and changes in the monetary base
    Ionela Costică
  • D-CAPM: empirical results on the bucharest stock exchange
    Alexandru Todea, Horia Tulai, Anita Pleşoianu
  • Corporate financing by bond issue on the Romanian capital market
    Cristina Duhnea, Silvia Ghiţă Mitrescu
  • Ethics and responsibility in banking. opinions from the Romanian market
    Mihaela Zografi, Mariana Nicolae, Roxana Voicu-Dorobanţu
  • Developing finance web-services client software
    Vladimir Luştrea
  • The connection between bank and interbank interest rates
    Gabriel Bistriceanu
  • Insolvency and restructuring
    Corneliu Belei, Carmen Antoinette Schmidt
  • Global real estate sector. Aspects regarding investors awareness
    Daniela Dobrescu, Carmen Antoinette Schmidt
  • The impact of the international financial crisis on the Romanian capital market
    Sanda Nan
  • Interdependence of capital markets in terms of economic stability and in conditions of financial crisis - econometric study of the effect of contagion
    Ioana-Diana Păun, Maria Paşcu-Nedelcu
  • Brands of the SIFS
    Claudiu Horeanu
  • Regional behavior of banks before and one year after the onset of the crisis
    Andrada Busuioc, Radu Cristian Birău
  • The credit risk of the romanian banking system in the context of the global financial crisis
    Ramona Orăştean, Ioana Raluca Sbârcea
  • Capital markets and investment strategies
    Daniela Liliana Turcaş, Florin Marius Turcaş
  • Critical analysis of housing mortgage loans financing under „first home” program, as part of national housing policies
    Ion Radu Zilişteanu
  • The importance of systemic risk management and macro-prudential supervision in avoiding the future occurrence of a financial crisis similar to the present one
    Arion Negrilă
  • Investigating Romanian fiscal adjustments
    Emilia Câmpeanu, Andreea Stoian
  • The Chinese model of local public finances
    Attila Gyorgy, Adina Cristina Gyorgy
  • Central bank and financial stability: a case of Bosnia And Herzegovina
    Živko Igor, Skoko Branimir, Čolak Anela
  • Volatility dynamics of euro–dollar foreign exchange market
    Jungseek Hwang, Sungkyun Park, Sang Hoon Kang, Suyeol Ryu, Seong-Min Yoon
  • Forecasting long-memory volatility of the australian futures market
    Seong-Min Yoon, Sang Hoon Kang, Sung-Jin Cho, Gyun Woo, Jeong-Hoon Ji
  • Value-at-Risk analysis of kospi 200 sector indices
    Sang Hoon Kang, Hwan-Gue Cho, Suyeol Ryu, Seong-Min Yoon, Sung-Jin Cho
  • Development in the Georgian banking system during the last 20 Years (1989-2009)
    Kunchulia Paata
  • Arab stock market and the global economic crisis: some cases analyses
    Mokhtar Maazouz
  • Sovereign rating dynamic and capital market: analytical perspective at the level of the CEE countries
    Cristina Maria Triandafil, Petre Brezeanu

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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