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Supplement ECTAP (TAE)

Financial Innovation and Competition in European Union

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  • Considerations on the Role of Economic Analysis in the Field of Competition
    Tatiana Moşteanu, Maria Alexandru
  • The Pros and Cons of a Preferential Fiscal System for Smes
    Georgeta Vintilă, Maricica Moscalu, Maria-Oana Filipescu
  • Optimization of Mortgage Loans Granting Procedures
    Teodora Cristina Barbu, Iustina Alina Boitan, Ion Radu Zilişteanu
  • The Liquidity on the Market Governed by Orders
    Bogdan Negrea
  • Financial Crisis and its Implication on Obtaining Founds on the Capital Market
    Vasile Ilie, George Horia Ionescu, Ruxandra Dana Vilag, Elena Radu
  • Some Aspects of the New Wave of Globalization
    Daniela Lidia Roman
  • Cost of Capital Considerations
    Laura Obreja Braşoveanu, Anamaria Ciobanu, Iulian Braşoveanu
  • Fraud in Motors’ Insurance – Practical Aspects of Romanian Insurance Market
    Marius Gavriletea, Melinda Pleşcan
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications in the Financial Sector
    Adrian Cozgarea, Gabriel Cozgarea, Andrei Stanciu
  • Incidence of Legislative Changes on the Romanian Public Debt Sustainability
    Emilian Constantin Miricescu, Emilia Mioara Câmpeanu
  • The Performances of Industrial Firms from Romania. Correlation Dimension – Indicators of Results
    Marian Siminică, Dorel Berceanu, Daniel Cîrciumaru
  • The Market of Foreign Direct Investment in Moldova and its Impact on National Economy
    Rodica Hîncu, Ghenadie Ciobanu
  • The Functioning of the Eurogroup: Present Problems and Challenges for the Future
    Dan Ivănescu, Laura Ivănescu
  • Interrelation between the Exchange Rate and the Interest Rate in Romania
    Cătălina Hândoreanu
  • Arch Testing Heteroscedasticity on the Bet Index
    Ionuţ Teodor Ionescu, Radu Stroe
  • The Analysis of Leverage Influence on Performance
    Andrei Stănculescu
  • The Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism through Interest Rate. Empirical Analysis: Romania
    Gabriel Bistriceanu
  • Pecularities of CEE Countries Exchange Rate Volatility. Empirical Evidence under the Interference between Transitory and Permanent Dimensions
    Cristina Maria Triandafil, Petre Brezeanu
  • Testing the Semi-strong Form of the Efficient Market Hypothesis on Public Offers for Acquisition/Takeover in the Pharmaceutical and the Aluminium Sectors of the Romanian Capital Market
    Dragoş Ioan Mînjină, Oana Reşceanu
  • Considerations on the Implementation of Cost-benefit Analysis in Evaluating the Efficiency of Investing in Higher Education
    Georgiana Camelia Creţan, Yvonne Iulia Lacrois
  • Romania’s Ability to Draw European Funds
    Daniela Florescu
  • Structural and Cohesion Funds from the European Union and their Use within the Public Order Institutions
    Cătălina Carmen Huba (Ştefănescu)
  • Corporate Governance in the European Union: a Timeline of Regulatory Transformations
    Voicu D. Dragomir, Elena Roxana Ilcu

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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