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Supplement ECTAP (TAE)

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "Financial and monetary policies in European Union"

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  • Theories and approaches regarding the cost – benefit analysis role and principles
    Tatiana Moşteanu, Mihaela Iacob
  • Financial equilibrium in European Union
    Radu Stroe, Ştefan Buciuc
  • Fiscal sovereignty in Romania – European Union member state
    Lidia Daniela Roman
  • Regards about fiscal competition
    Mariana Vuţă, Paula Lazăr
  • The reform of the liberal professions – initiated measures, controversies and restrictions
    Maria Alexandru
  • The interest rate – factor that determines investment in saving instruments
    Magdalena Călin
  • Fiscal policy and real convergence. The case of central and eastern european countries
    Delia Ţâţu, Lucian Ţâţu
  • Analyzing the public debt sustainability in EMU
    Emilia Mioara Câmpeanu
  • Correlations between fiscal policy and macroeconomic indicators in Romania
    Iulian Braşoveanu, Laura Obreja Braşoveanu, Cristian Păun
  • Analyzing causality between Romania’s public budget expenditures and revenues
    Andreea Stoian
  • Tax evasion: an analysis of the collocation “pay with money, not with years”
    Delia Cataramă
  • Regional development program. Present state of ISPA program and perspectives for Romania
    Daniela Călinescu
  • Romanian Budgetary Cosolidation between European and local
    Attila György, Adina-Cristina György
  • Some aspects regarding the administrative absorption capacity for the structural funds in the czech republic, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania before accession
    Oana Eugenia Lahman
  • Recovery ratings in the event of sovereign default issuers. an investigation on the factors which influence their calculation by Standard & Poor’s
    Emilian Miricescu
  • Public investments, determinants of economic development
    Andreea Semenescu
  • Structural funds – an instrument of economic growth within the policies of cohesion and regional convergence
    Meral Kagitci
  • United Europe and its problems
    Dan Ivănescu
  • The governmental policies that encourage the positive contributions of the foreign direct investments inflows
    Mihail Vincenţiu Ivan, Viorela Iacovoiu
  • Analysis regarding the Israeli pension funds system
    Mariana Popa, Paul Tănăsescu
  • Risk transfer through insurance contract – part of business risk management
    Doina Popescu
  • Protection against natural catastrophes in Romania
    Marius Gavriletea, Krisztina Kiraly
  • The mandatory private pensions. A european challenge for Romania
    Cosmin Şerbănescu
  • The development of the financial risks reinsurance activity from the single european market perspective
    Mihaela Cojocaru
  • Econometrical models for estimating the life insurance demand
    Simona Dragoş, Cristian Dragoş
  • A model for generating efficient investment portfolios for the insurance companies on the Romanian market
    Filip Iorgulescu
  • The portofolio administering at the isurance companies by A.P.T. multifactorial model
    Mitică Pepi
  • Asymmetry in the stochastic volatility models
    Bogdan Negrea, Elena Bojesteanu
  • Episodic dependencies and the profitability of moving average strategy on Romanian capital market
    Alexandru Todea
  • Value-at-risk. Measurement and evaluation methods for market risk
    Alina Grigore
  • Stochastic volatility models and stylized facts
    Ionuţ Alin Sima
  • The impact of financial statements announcements on stock prices at BSE
    Adrian Zoicaş-Ienciu
  • Multiples and their use for equity valuation on european capital markets
    Dragoş Ioan Mînjină
  • Quantitative analysis of banks’ management performance
    Nicolae Dardac, Iustina Alina Boitan
  • The impact of mergers and acquisitions on the economic performances
    Teodora Barbu, Bogdan Dumitrescu
  • Banking crises and their implications on the financial system
    Carmen Obreja, Dan Armeanu
  • Monetary policy transmission mechanism in romania - a VAR approach
    Marius Alin Andrieş
  • Price and wage inflation
    Alina Lucia Trifan
  • NBR monetary policy interest rate: determinants and optimum level
    Gabriel Bistriceanu
  • The relationship between the exchange rate and the inflation: empirical survey for Romania
    Cătălina Adriana Hândoreanu
  • Interest rate risk quantification models
    Ana-Cornelia Puiu, Alina Nicoleta Radu
  • The influence of R&D policy on performance of the companies listed with bucharest stock exchange (through intangible assets)
    Iuliana-Ioana Purcărea, Ion Stancu
  • Corporate competitiveness in the context of consolidating the common tax base regarding profit taxation in the European Union
    Georgeta Vintilă, Oana Filipescu
  • Capital effectiveness valuation destined to investments in conditions of uncertainty
    Dalina Dumitrescu
  • The impact of the country rating on the corporate rating: empirical perspective in the context of financial globalization
    Cristina Maria Triandafil, Petre Brezeanu
  • Micro and macroeconomic determinants of oil stock prices on Romanian capital market
    Anamaria Ciobanu, Sorina Bratu
  • Financing of new business ideas in small enterprises
    Adrian Dumitru Tanţău, Laurenţiu Cătălin Fraţilă, Daniela Liliana Hîncu
  • Entry and exit decisions under uncertainty: a real option approach
    Nicoleta Vintilă
  • Testing the random walk hypothesis on the bucharest stock exchange BET index
    Ionuţ Teodor Ionescu
  • Incremental value at risk – selection, criterion for portfolio composition. Case study
    Carmen Maria Lăcătuş
  • The impact of takeovers, leveraged buy-outs and venture capital on corporate governance
    Andrei Stănculescu
  • Taxation of restructuring operations of companies
    Ioana Monica Horja
  • The intangible assets and the enterprise financing
    Nicoleta Bărbuţă-Mişu

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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