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Supplement ECTAP (TAE)

International Finance and Banking Conference - FI BA 2013, XIth Edition

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  • Investment strategies of Romanian private pension funds
    Maria Luiza Moş, Liliana Donath, Victoria Şeulean
  • An empirical analysis of the causality relationship between insurance and economic growth
    Ana-Maria Burcă, Ştefan Daniel Armeanu, Meral Kagitci
  • Car insurance - engine for the Romanian insurance market
    Gherasim Solovestru Domide, Alexandru Domide
  • Efficient market hypothesis in European emerging unit-linked insurance markets
    Cristina Ciumaş, Diana-Maria Chiş
  • Developments in the insurance industry in Europe in economic and financial crisis
    Viorel Crăciuneanu
  • Creation and operationalization of the national reserve fund in case of natural calamities in Romania – Alternative for post-disaster financing improvement
    Gabriel Arthur Zelinschi, Gherasim Solovestru Domide, Adriana Rodica (Năstase) Vîrban
  • The role of international financial institutions (IFIS) and export credit agencies (ECAS) in supporting cross border public private partnership (PPP) in emerging markets: the challenging case of the Icelandic energy sector
    Hilmar Þór Hilmarsson
  • Optimal management in the context of corporate governance
    Nora Chiriţă, Marcel Boloş, Ioana-Alexandra Bradea
  • The advantages, disadvantages and controversies of private equity funds
    Florin Mavris
  • The choices between fair value and historical cost accounting for non-current real assets at Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian listed companies during the reporting year of 2011
    Justine Jaunzeme
  • The impact of corporate governance measures on the performance of enterprises
    Ilie Vasile, Lavinia Mihaela Guţu, Adina Ionela Străchinaru
  • The domestic and foreign investors takeover bid decision: case of Romania
    Laura Brad, Radu Ciobanu, Anca Munteanu, Florin Dobre
  • Changing of growth paradigm: from mergers and acquisition to balance sheet restructuring
    Angela Mitu, Dalina Dumitrescu
  • Social responsibility and performance of financial institutions
    Silvia Stănoiu
  • Modelling the use of alternative channel allocation in granting benefits of social assistance
    Adrian Vintilescu Belciug, Lăcrămioara Corcheş, Daniela Creţu, Adriana Lupu
  • Impact of public debt on the Romanian economy in conditions of economic crisis
    Mirela Anca Postole, Marilena Ciobănaşu
  • Measuring the dynamics of local revenues autonomy in Romania. An analysis of several financial decentralization and local autonomy indicators
    Tatiana Moşteanu, Maria Letiţia Brătulescu
  • Some aspects regarding the state aid in Romania- Member State of European Union
    Daniela Lidia Roman
  • Public procurement awards in Romania
    Attila Gyorgy
  • Determinants of underground economy in EU countries
    Eugenia Ramona Mara, Diana - Claudia Sabău-Popa
  • The inheritance tax in Germany
    Robert Păiuşan, Valentin Ionuţ Panea
  • Selected determinants on welfare enhancement. A theoretical and empirical view
    Liliana Donath, Anca Brad (Gheorghioiu)
  • Vulnerabilities of the European versus Romanian tax system
    Rodica Gherghina, Georgiana Camelia Creţan
  • Content analysis of an exploratory study regarding the communication of local administration in Western Romania
    Florina Maria Bente, Corneliu Bente
  • Some means of avoiding of the international juridical double taxation used by Romania
    Daniela Lidia Roman
  • Investigation on the perception of quality within European economic higher education
    Emilia Câmpeanu, Viorica Chirilă, Georgiana Creţan
  • Investigation of the profability of moving average strategies on the Romanian stock market
    Olivia Andreea Baciu
  • The influence of financial derivatives in emerging capital markets
    Felicia Ramona Birău
  • Adoption model for regulatory of financial markets
    Mitică Pepi
  • Rationality versus irrationality on the Romanian capital market
    Ion Stancu, Dumitra Stancu
  • Leniency policy for competitive activity
    Ilie Moga
  • A simulation of agent-based models for high frequency trading on the stock exchange market
    Diana Dezsi
  • Testing the random walk hypothesis and the long memory for the Romanian capital market
    Ioana Sorina Mihuţ, Mihaela Lutas, Andreea Pece
  • The performance of ROC on the BSE
    Dan Gabriel Anghel
  • The propagation effects of financial crisis on Ljubljana Stock Exchange
    Felicia Ramona Birău
  • Main results of analyses undertaken on the arbitrage pricing model
    Andrei Stănculescu
  • Influence of regime switching to risk in port-modern portfolio management
    Cristina Geambaşu, Liviu Geambaşu, Iulia Jianu
  • Market timing and selectivity within the Romanian balanced funds industry
    Angela-Maria Filip, Maria Miruna Pochea, Mihaela-Daniela Morariu
  • Is the evolution of the exchange rate LEU/EURO still influenced by the shocks of interest rate on Romanian market?
    Gabriela Preda
  • The impact of the global economic crisis on international business and macroeconomic aggregates BRICS countries and the Republic of Serbia
    Jelena Tošković, Jasna Marković, Marija Gačić
  • Romania on the way of Euro adoption
    Ionuţ Dumitru, Jasna Marković, Ionela Jianu (Dumitru)
  • The regulation and deregulation of the financial markets - current tendencies and perspectives in the context of providing financial stability
    Isac Borş
  • Early warning indicators of economic and financial instability indexes
    Rodica Oana Ioniţă, Ion Stancu
  • A study upon the Great Japanese Crisis
    Marius Ioan Mihuţ, Stanca Alexandra Pop
  • The long-term real convergence of Central and Eastern Europe economies to the Euro area – the sigma and beta convergence
    Bogdan Andrei Dumitrescu
  • Inflation targeting and financial stability during the financial crisis
    Livia Maria Rotaru
  • Competition: Classical versus Neoclassical view
    Mihaela Cornelia Sandu
  • On the decline of middle class as an effect of globalization. Evidence from the developed and emergent countries
    Monica Răileanu Szeles, Vlad Dumitrache
  • Bridge bank and bad bank tools in EU. An efficiency assessment case study
    Teodora Barbu, Iustina Boitan
  • Foreign banks appetite for liquidity risk and the banking system stability. Case study for Romania
    Horaţiu Lovin
  • Financial contagion and its transmission channels between PIIGS economies
    Daniela Zapodeanu, Edina Kulcsar, Sorina Ioana Petriş
  • Basel III - issues and implications for the Romanian banking system
    Daniela Dandara
  • Evaluating the impact of banking services quality on customer loyalty in Credit Europe Bank (Romania)
    Corneliu Bente, Florina Maria Bente
  • Banks interest rate margins and financial deregulation in Mauritius
    Kheswar Jankee

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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