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Supplement ECTAP (TAE)

Post-crisis developments in Economics

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  • The Europe 2020 strategy – the technical road map filtered through intelligent practices
    Dumitru-Alexandru Bodislav, Ionuț Bușega
  • The study of communication paradigm from the perspective of active listening
    Diana Andreia Hristache, Claudia Elena Paicu, Monica Maria Dobrescu
  • The evolution of the savings rate in Europe – empirical evidences
    Adrian Simion
  • Post-crisis evolution of creative industries
    Marta Christina Suciu, Mina Fanea-Ivanovici, Simona Irina Agoston
  • The impact of bureaucracy over the foreign direct investments in Romania
    Laurențiu Gabriel Frâncu
  • Intellectual capital – source of economic recovery
    Cosmin-Ionuţ Imbrişcă, Luciana Nagel-Picioruş, Claus Nagel-Picioruş
  • Fostering active aging
    Daniela Vîrjan
  • Europe in the context of the global economic crisis
    Mihaela Roberta Stanef-Puică, Alina Ştefania Chenic (Creţu)
  • Higher education and the labour market: evidence from Romania and European Union member states
    Georgiana Camelia Crețan
  • Aspects of structural adjustments in CEE countries during the economic crisis
    Ionuț Bușega, Anca Dachin
  • The role of education, lifelong learning and health of the population in support of economic growth
    Ştefania-Cristina Curea (Neagu), Anca-Teodora Şerban-Oprescu
  • Students on the labor market: causes and effects of the choice between study and work
    Irina Florentina Băjan
  • Perspectives on FDI. The case of sustainable development
    Raluca Andreea Popa
  • Income distribution and social welfare
    Cristina Borovină
  • “Future Directions”: m-government computer systems accessed via cloud computing – advantages and possible implementations
    Daniela Lițan
  • The connection between the education level of young people, labor productivity and inflation in Romania
    Ortansa Florea (Moise)
  • Modern approaches regarding public goods
    Paul Vasile Zai
  • Boom we win, bust they lose: analyzing the boom and bust cycle from the perspective of the political entrepreneur
    Matei Alexandru Apăvăloaei

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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