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Supplement ECTAP (TAE)

Romania in the European Union. The Quality of Integration. Growth. Competence. Employment
Volume III

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  • Exchange rate fluctuation impact on the romanian current account
    Cătălina Adriana Hândoreanu
  • Services in market economy seen through EU perspective
    Alice Magdalena Chiţu (Soare), Adelina Roxana Chiţu
  • Trends and perspectives in the development of the european banking activity (especially case: Romania)
    Magdalena Rădulescu, Nicoleta Dascălu
  • Romania and the dilemma: tax harmonization or tax competition in the European Union
    Daniela Pîrvu, Cristina Voicu Olteanu
  • Aspects related to investigating consumer behavior characteristics
    Mirela-Cristina Voicu
  • Investments options and structural change in the economic systems
    Liliana Crăciun
  • Influences of integration on the commercial relations between the economic agents on the internal and external market
    Cornelia Amarandei
  • The performance improvement in the tourism activity – the increase factor of the Romanian economy competitivness
    Elena Cerasela Spătariu
  • Human resources – key factor of a long lasting quality of the European integration of Romania
    Raluca Mănăilă, Ion Ioniţă
  • Possible solutions aimed at galvanizing Romania’s export and its contribution to the “development-competition-engagement” triad
    Octavian Gh. Botez
  • The analyse of romanian human resources in the Lisbon Strategy framework
    Gina Cristina Dimian (Bănică), Mihai Dimian
  • On the liberalization of postal services in the European Union
    Marilena Papuc, Anisia Popescu
  • The evolution and the prospects of the romanian employment policy in the context of the european expansion
    Mădălina Militaru, Cezar Militaru
  • Labour market in Romania between realities and perspectives
    George Ciobanu, Ilie Murăriţa
  • The impact of the labor force migration in the European Space upon the business firms in Romania
    Alina-Daniela Mihalcea
  • Compulsory private pensions – viable solution for the newly members of the European Union?
    Laura Elly Novac
  • The impact of foreign direct investments upon the productivity of CEE economies
    Viorela Iacovoiu
  • Romanian religious organization – social partners in development towards knowledge – based economy
    Andreea Strâmbu-Dima
  • The impact of migration on demographic evolution
    Mariana Nicolae-Bălan, Brînduşa Mihaela Radu
  • The creative economy. A conceptual framework
    Mina Ivanovici
  • Explanatory research regarding foreign economic affairs internationalization by franchising operations
    Marian Negoiţă
  • Economic convergence and cohesion
    Denisa Fugaru, Camelia Marin
  • The competitiveness of the European business environment – the result of continuous care for consumer protection
    Mirela Minică, Florin Franţ, Laura Iovu
  • The national reform in the Romanian accountancy field
    Cristina Mihaela Grozea
  • The impact of International Financial Reporting Standards over the evolution of the accountancy system in Romania
    Marian Socoliuc, Florin Boghean
  • Integration impact upon Romanian accounting system
    Dorel Mateş, Veronica Grosu
  • The hybrid nature of corporate governance codes: the battle for accountability
    Nicoleta Asaloş
  • The dynamics of foreign direct investments in new member states of European Union
    Voicu D. Dragomir
  • Culture and creation: sources of economic development and increase of the quality of life in EU
    Raluca Andreea Popa
  • Economic development and globalization from the viewpoint of the European integration
    Jianu Mureşan
  • The role of institutions and institutional change in economic development
    Mirela Mazilu, Roxana Marinescu
  • Institutions, entrepreneurship and economic performance in the EU
    Gabriel Staicu, Adriana Staicu
  • The institution of structural funds absorption and the economic agents’ behaviour
    Cosmin Marinescu, Marius Pană
  • Economic growth according to the principles of the sustainable development in the context of the European integration
    Irina Zgreabăn
  • The sustainable development – major exigency for appreciating the finality of labour and of social action
    Cristina Popa, Karimov Hamza Tahir Oglu
  • Standard of leaving in Romania after admission to UE
    Andreea Stan Şerban
  • Green accounting: using the planet’s natural resources in a sustainable way
    Anca Gabriela Molănescu
  • The role of economic instruments in implementing the water framework directive in Romania
    Lucian Cernuşca, Cristina Dima
  • A new dimension of the management of agro-alimentary companies – collective ecologic responsibility
    Carmen Lenuţa Trica, Mariana Vuţă
  • Important aspects of the common agricultural policy in the period 2007-2013. Consequences for Romania
    Carmen Valentina Rădulescu
  • The romanian european union integration impact on the sustainable economic development within apuseni mountains
    Tiberiu Cristian Avrămescu
  • The quality of health services – a priority for Romania, part of the European Union
    Paula Liliana Socol
  • Trade effects of European Intergration
    Dorina Mocuţa
  • Contributions of management consultancy services to the development of the SME`s sector
    Claudia Dobre
  • Evolution of communication services in Romania within the context of accession to the European Union
    Daniela Roxana Mihai
  • How fair is the price? an analysis on price fairness perception process in Romania and its implications on European Union integration.
    Cristina Zdoroveţchi, Ramona Puia
  • Towards a rational policy of subsidies
    Diana Maria Vrânceanu
  • The perspective of the public funds’ use with efficiency, efficacy and economy in the context of European integration
    Marina Luminiţa Sârbovan
  • Bridging the digital divide – approaches in a romanian and european context. The role of rural, disadvantaged-area telecenters in promoting social cohesion and overcoming the digital divide
    Ioana Boboc
  • Economic predictions and tendencies using data intelligent analysis techniques
    Sorin Kertesz
  • Structural funds – an important investment source
    Radu Ioan Mogoş
  • European Union exigencies regarding environment protection and their effects over costs
    Florina Vîrlănuţă, Florin Buhociu, Liliana Moga
  • Romania looking for competence on the european unique market
    Elena Liliana Moiceanu (Marin)
  • Hazard analysis. Critical control Points system – european level requirements – foundation stone of food safety
    Alexandra Adam, Amalia Cristescu
  • Simple interest and discounting
    Elena Condrea, Veronica Popovici, Anca Cristina Stanciu
  • Elements of simple linear programming used in economic modeling
    Constantin Anghelache, Mădălina – Gabriela Deatcu
  • The profitability of agricultural explotations in terms of seasonality
    Constantin Anghelache, Cătălin Deatcu
  • Sensitivity analysis of production unit cost of flour and the implication over the performance of the bread manufactures
    Cristian-Marian Barbu, Adrian Anica-Popa
  • The role of innovation in the new economy. Evaluation and comparison of the European Union’s innovation performance
    Adrian Anica-Popa, Cristian-Marian Barbu
  • Sustainability of Romanian fiscal policy based on reaction function
    Anca Mândruleanu
  • Andreea Stoian, Emilia Câmpeanu

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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