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Romania in the European Union - The Quality of Integration. Structural and Regional Disparities

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  • Youngsters insertion on the labour market. Solutions for improving their insertion on the labour market in Romania
    Coralia Angelescu, Marin Dinu, Dorel Ailenei, Cristian Socol, Aura-Gabriela Socol, Dragoş Huru, Mădălina Militaru, Cezar Militaru, Mihaela Hrisanta Dobre, Mirela Ionela Aceleanu
  • Labor market deficits in Romania. A regional approach
    Dorel Ailenei, Mihaela Hrisanta Dobre, Marius-Corneliu Marinaş, Andrei Hrebenciuc
  • Labor market as a core of economic and social cohesion
    Dorel Ailenei, Anca Dachin, Mihaela Hrisanta Dobre, Amalia Cristescu
  • Assessment of the absorption potential for rural development funds in Romania
    Anca Dachin, Dorel Ailenei, Coralia Angelescu, Dragoş Huru, Gabriela Molănescu, Cristian Socol, Aura-Gabriela Socol
  • Theories of discrimination
    Mihaela Hrisanta Dobre
  • Estimating the impact of the public pensions reforms to finance sustainability in European Union. The Romanian case
    Marin Dinu, Cristian Socol, Marius-Corneliu Marinaş, Aura-Gabriela Socol, Iuliana Dascălu
  • Quality of life – evolution, conceptualization and dimensions
    Mihaela Constantinescu
  • Assessing quality of life – some methodological issues
    George Şerban-Oprescu
  • Relevant indicators of employment and vocational training in Romania. Opinions and suggestions on improving the monitoring of labor. Proposal of new indicators relevant to the field
    Alina Ştefania Chenic (Creţu)
  • University – an active factor of growing the quality of life?
    Liana Badea
  • The current status of labour resources employment in Romania: the analysis of the employment structures
    Mirela Ionela Aceleanu
  • Ageing and its social and economic consequences in Italy and Romania. A comparative analysis
    Gina Cristina Dimian
  • Economic perspectives on health care systems
    Mihaela Cristina Drăgoi
  • Innovative solution for a more competitive agriculture for Romania. A conceptual approach
    Raluca Ignat

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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