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Supplement ECTAP (TAE)

Romania's Integration in the European Union. Opportunities & Challenges
Volume I

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  • Strategic Milestones of Romania’s Integration to the European Union Process Efficiency
    Gheorghe Zaman
  • Context Vision and the Ultimatum Modernization
    Marin Dinu
  • Internal Rating Approach in SMEs Evaluation
    Mario G.R. Pagliacci
  • Economic and Social Evolution of Romania during 1.I-28.II.2007 Period
    Vergil Voineagu
  • Romania’s Real Convergence to EU - Dream or Reality?
    Cristian Socol, Aura Gabriela Socol
  • The Banking System and Integration Challanges
    Nicolae Dănilă
  • Theoretical Delimitations: the Europeanization of Public Administration and its Institutional Levers
    Lucica Matei, Diana-Camelia Iancu
  • The Economic Situation of Romania by the Time of the Adhesion to the European Union
    Constantin Anghelache
  • Effects of Integration and Globalisation on Labour Market
    Valentina Vasile
  • Advantages for the Republic of Moldova to Join European Union, and the Disadvantages of its Remaining within CIS
    Mihai Pătraş
  • Specific Features Concerning the Market Risk Management
    Gabriela Anghelache
  • The Basis of the Change through Creativity, Responsibility and Hope
    Viorel Lefter, Elvira Nica
  • The Role of Human Capital in the Development of the European Market
    Marina Luminiţa Sârbovan
  • The Integration of the Romanian e-services Technologies in the European Informatic Society
    Ioan Radu, Minodora Ursăcescu
  • The European Structural Funds for Romania and Opportunities for Bucovina
    Carmen Năstase, Adrian Liviu Scutariu
  • Impact of Romania's Integration into European Union on the Capital Market in Romania
    Leonardo Badea
  • The Regulation of the Energy Market in Romania
    Vasile Robu, Elena Claudia Şerban, Marina Bădileanu
  • EU Regional Policy – Convergence and Economic Growth?
    Mădălina Istrate, Luiza Radu
  • The Institutional Reconstruction and the Functionality of the Macroeconomic System
    Gheorghe H. Popescu, Cosmin Dobrin
  • The Analysis of Potential Output Growth in the Euro Area
    Marius-Corneliu Marinaş
  • Romanian Companies Competitivity Regarding the European Business Environment
    Iuliana Cetină, Nora Mihail
  • Vertical Integration and Development Potential for European Union
    Dragoş Huru

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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