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Supplement ECTAP (TAE)

Romania's Integration in the European Union. Opportunities & Challenges
Volume II

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  • European Governance through Economic Policies
    Ion Bucur
  • Economic Convergence and Euro Introduction in the new EU Member States
    Ramona Toma, Virgil Nicula
  • The Alternative of the Universal Bank-Specialized Banks and the Coordination of Enterprise Financing Activity in Contemporary Banking Systems
    Teodora Barbu, Georgeta Vintilă
  • Land Fusion – a Priority in Agrarian Policy Action in the Direction of Consolidation the Land Ownership in the Peasants’Households
    Gabriel Popescu, Florentina Constantin
  • Considerations Regarding the Tax System in Romania – Implications of the Joining Process
    Stela Aurelia Toader
  • Development Strategies of Valcea’s Tourism
    Marin Popescu, Sorin Grigorescu
  • The Principles of the Local Budgetary Process in the Light of the New Law of Local Public Finances
    Cristinel Ichim
  • Opportunities and Challenges for the MBA Programs in Romania, in the EU Integration Outlook
    Ionel Năftănăilă, Ioan Ursachi
  • The Actual Stage of the Commerce with Services Liberalization on the European Unique Market. Implications for Romania
    Corina Grigorovici
  • Quality Management – an European Approach
    Ion Ioniţă, Mihai Mieilă
  • The Normalisation of the Romanian Accounting – Result of the Compatibility Process
    Alexandru Sălceanu
  • Fiscal Pressure and Property Sense in European Union Integration Context
    Cristina Covaci
  • Agriculture and Employment in European Union’s Rural Areas
    Alina Ştefania Creţu, Roberta Mihaela Stanef
  • International Migration. Motivation and Consequences
    Marilena Papuc
  • Integration Prospects of the Rural Tourist Product on the European Touristic Market
    Rodica Manuela Gogonea, Cătălin Huidumac
  • Multinationals and their Input to the Economic Revitalization. Romania Case
    Florin Erhan
  • Innovating – Romania’s Stake
    Mina Ivanovici
  • The Constitutional State Exposed to Globalization
    Gabriela Negru
  • Taxation and Accountancy, between National and Regional
    Mihaela Ioneci, Niculina Marcu
  • Economic Growth – Costs and Development Discrepances
    Ion Bucur
  • Accounting in Romania, between Current Taxes and Deterred Taxes Regarding Profit
    Boni Mihaela Străoanu
  • Solving Systems of Difference Constraints
    Gheorghe Manolache
  • Investing in Shares – a Possibility of Financial Investment
    Florentin Şerban, Silvia Dedu
  • Coordinates of Systems and Management Methods in the Health Field
    Carmen Comăniciu
  • The Legislative Framework of the Regional Politics in Romania
    Marcela Cristina Hurjui
  • Romania Facing the Integration – A Possible Evolution
    Viorela Iacovoiu
  • Changes in Prior Period Errors
    Alina Pietraru, Dorina Luţă
  • Multiple Equilibrium in Decentralized Commerce and Negotiations Models
    Sandu Cătălin Sin
  • The Balance Sheet – Mirror of Patrimony
    Camelia Mihalciuc, Irina Chiriţă
  • The Flat Tax and Convergence of Romanian Economy to the European Economic Space
    Ioan Done, Adrian Ungureanu
  • Money Laundering – the Consequence of the Financial Globalization
    Carmen Boghean
  • Environment Accounting for Sustainable Development
    Florin Boghean
  • The Pensions System in Romania: Past, Present and Perspectives
    Amalia Elena Ioniţă
  • The Effect of Training the Tourism
    Irina Ştefana Cibotariu
  • The real convergence – the Essence of Romanian EU Integration
    Cornel Ionescu, Adrian Ionescu
  • Profitability in the Economical-Financial Performances System of a Company – Ways of Measurement and Appreciation
    Mihaela Bîrsan, Ştefăniţă Suşu
  • Role and importance of the Banking System in Economy
    Anişoara Niculina Apetri
  • Aspects of EU Romania Integration from Small and Middle Entreprises Perspective
    Camelia Băeşu

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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape, Marin Dinu, 2016


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